The Centre for Social Leadership (CSL) is a fresh approach to adaptive leadership for real world social impact. This is leadership at the cutting edge for those passionate about creating initiatives to address some of our most complex social challenges. CSL supports practitioners of social change and has experience working with leaders around the world – ranging from Presidents and Senior Executives to village chiefs. We offer professional services to diagnose and address the complex dynamics of critical social issues. CSL also offers a range of development programs on the leadership skills needed to creatively intervene to make progress.

Communities are facing increasingly complex challenges. Population pressure, climate change, globalisation, food, water and resource constraints, and increasing poverty and inequality are creating new and uncertain situations where relying on yesterday’s solutions is insufficient. Good intentions and ideas are not enough - our responsibility to the future is to engage with the underlying problems we face today rather than just leave them to the next generations.

Those who are passionate about making a real difference require exceptional leadership skills to operate in these challenging local, national and global environments. In adapting to constant change, leadership needs to be approached as an art – analysing the undercurrents, teasing out the contradictions, assessing the opportunities and threats, building partnerships, making critical interventions, preparing for the inevitable resistance and assessing effectiveness. CSL supports change agents to more effectively exercise this leadership for real world impact.