CSL aims to develop and support those committed to making progress on difficult social issues through our Social Impact Program. CSL has extensive worldwide experience helping people in building their capacity to understanding the leadership challenges they face and crafting leadership interventions for real world social impact.

We have worked with a wide spectrum of community groups, governments, universities and corporates to deliver results in education, infrastructure, health, justice, governance, environmental sustainability, regional development, poverty, race relations, human rights, indigenous affairs, ageing and child abuse.

In addition to extensive work across Australia, we have practical experience in the United States, Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. This includes work ranging from small community NGOs to work with major institutions such as the World Bank, United Nations, International Court of Justice and other multilateral organisations.

CSL has played a pioneering role in leadership development including in the establishment of a National Leadership Institute in Madagascar, Harvard Kennedy School executive programs, leadership programs in Singapore and Dubai and a wide range of social leadership programs in Australia across urban, rural and community sectors.